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"Behaviour is the language of trauma. Children will show you before they tell you that they are in distress."

Micere Keels

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In-house therapy

I work with schools who have high levels of need within their student body to provide an in-house psychotherapy service. This is a regular time each week where I am on site to meet with individual students and support them through challenging times. This can improve attendance and attainment for students that are struggling to work through difficult personal circumstances.


I deliver day long workshops within primary and secondary school settings to enable students:

  • to gain a greater awareness of their mental health

  • to think about how their life experiences may be impacting them now

  • to learn practical ways to manage their emotions and self-regulate

  • to stay within their window of tolerance to enable them to regulate their emotions

  • to have the language to maturely discuss how they are feeling

The format of these days can be flexible to meet the needs of your students.


If you are looking to improve awareness, understanding of behaviours and effectiveness of staff dealing with pupils who have suffered trauma and mental health difficulties, I deliver CPD within schools and education settings, including presentations and workshops on a range of subjects for staff and parents.

I am also able to work over a longer period running discussion groups for teachers and education support staff where we can reflectively work through issues specific to your school. This develops a deeper understanding of trauma, associated behaviours and practical tools for dealing with it sensitively.

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